Hello and welcome to Chatty Crafting!

I’m a graphic designer, DIYer, antiquing, decor lover, coffee drinker, and crafting enthusiast. I am always inspired to try something different.

Most of my life I have been somewhat of an odd ball. In my early 20’s I decided to accept these unique traits of mine. Better late than never I suppose. So I encourage anyone reading this to realise how uniquely beautiful and loved you are!

My husband actually encouraged me in my life’s quest to constantly live in a creative inspired mindset. He was the one who recently pointed out, “You are happiest when you’re doing a craft.” Now while I do enjoy graphic design, every now and then I would go out on a whim and just get my hands dirty. Some of those projects are still in our home, and even get complimented on by visitors. Some are just to get my hands dirty, and thinking outside of the box.

Let’s face it we ALL love compliments. And those compliments really encouraged me to keep getting my hands dirty, make a mess, and just create something from nothing, or restore something to new beauty. Even just try out other creative thinkers inspired ideas, with my own twist. Sometimes my projects come out super disorganized and really honestly just plain tacky. Other times my projects turn out even better than what I had envisioned, and I am confident of the outcome.

I’m going to be real here with these two confessions. ‘Pinaholic’ and or ‘coffee addict’ are words that perfectly describe me. On a daily basis you can find me on my computer with a cup of coffee in hand, and pinning away! Recently I have been clicking on pins that caught my attention, and they did their jobs well! I truly enjoy reading about those who have followed their passion, and who help others think creatively. I hope you find my future public victories, and epic fails entertaining as I step out into the world of blogging.

On the occasion I will talk about other things, as a part of this blog is ‘Chatty‘ Crafting. Feel free to join in on the conversation. I hope to make this a fun place! Thank you for reading, it truly means a lot!



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