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Hello and welcome back everyone! Let’s get creative! Today I’m going to share with you how I created my own coastal spa-like bathroom display, while on a super cheap budget!

I went ahead and fixed some links, and everything is now updated for your current budget friendly shopping! Some links are new floral arrangement ideas too! Most of these links will be the same as they were before, but for some I think I found some pretty looking replacement florals! Thanks for all of your ideas everyone! Enjoy and happy decorating!

Simple and affordable coastal spa-like bathroom decor ideas from Dollar Tree!


Dollar store vases and #floral arrangement #ideas |

Arrange Your Decor 

Declutter your counter space and stage your decor! When in doubt work with the “Staging Rules of Three“. While I am not a professional decorator I enjoy reading up on tips and tricks from the pros; especially when on a tight budget you still want your decor to be arranged nicely and pleasant to look at. Please also note that these items are seasonal at Dollar Tree. 

Floral Placement 

Try to make your floral arrangement lengths match your vase lengths for this look. One towering floral, and one smaller floral arrangement is what I decided to go with.

Vase Fillers

Fill your hurricane vases with sea shells, and your floral vases with stones. For this display I used some shoreline treasures I have collected over the years as well. Have fun with your vase filler options! I’ll link a similar department store samples… here and here. The photos are also linked. 🙂 These are pretty and super budget friendly things, to inspire your own display…

  bathroom candle ideas summer spa decorating

Dollar store vases and #floral arrangement #ideas |

Here it is, the outcome! This dollar store display looks SO much more expensive than it actually is.


A beach themed bathroom idea on a tight budget. I think this would be great as apartment/small bathroom decor if you're not into nautical themes, but if your more of a coastal decorator like me. I like this spa-like vibe. Dollar tree silver tray, seashell vase fillers, river rocks... #dollartree #decor

Affordable #dollar #store #coastal #bathroom idea!

If you like more photo type posts like this I’ll link some that I recommend. It’s been super fun making this cozy little display. Small spaces and small budgets are pretty difficult to work around, but they are definitely workable if you see some potential. Use your creativity, find inspiration, and just have fun with it!


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Oh and thank you ALL so much for all of your amazing compliments on Pinterest and reading the blog! That means so incredibly much to me. Please feel free to repin, share, and comment on anything. I would love to know what you think! Enjoy!

much love, lauren.

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