New Post Schedule | + Ideas Welcomed |

Hey everyone! It’s about time I did another chatty type of post. OK I have to share this. So I always seem to get lost in the sea of a zillion stunning photo ideas, and I just share everything I find absolutely beautiful to decorate/craft with… Continue reading “New Post Schedule | + Ideas Welcomed |”


Fall Traditions And Crafts |

Hi y’all! I decided to do something a bit different for this blog post. I’ll always start off a chatty post that part of this blog is ‘chatty’ crafting. Basically nothing fancy, just chatting away. So, I thought I would catch up with you guys! Who’s excited for Fall? I know I am! Continue reading “Fall Traditions And Crafts |”

Decorate With Fake Pumpkins Naturally |

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Hey y’all! It’s that time of year! I just adore budget friendly Fall decor inspiration. So every year I try to change up how I decorate these festive decor pieces. I save so many inspiring photos of pumpkins and random Autumn displays… Continue reading “Decorate With Fake Pumpkins Naturally |”

10+ Easy Ways To Organize Your Crafting Oasis |

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Hey y’all! Notice any positive changes to the blog lately? I’ve been working extra hard ‘behind the scenes’ prettying this website up! Hope you like it! I was thinking about craft rooms today, and with a space dedicated to creativity there are A LOT of accessories you can add easily and cost effectively. Continue reading “10+ Easy Ways To Organize Your Crafting Oasis |”

Blog Update + Free Newsletters! |

Hey y’all!

I wanted to do a quick blog update. Let’s catch up! I’ve been busy working on a ton of ideas for the upcoming seasons. Look forward to new crafts, diys, gardening and decor ideas anyone could use or make! Continue reading “Blog Update + Free Newsletters! |”

20 Ideas And Accessories For The Perfect Patriotic Party |

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20 Ideas For The Perfect Patriotic Party | Budget Friendly Decorating

Hi y’all! It’s Summer time! With patriotic celebrations like Independence Day and Memorial Day around the corner you’re probably thinking, you just don’t have the time or finances to celebrate with some fun patriotic nick nacks and decor this year. Don’t miss out! I have some festive ideas you can put together last minute! Continue reading “20 Ideas And Accessories For The Perfect Patriotic Party |”

6 Free Vintage Inspired Botanical Printables |

Hi everyone, I hope you are all doing well! Normally in past August’s in Texas by now it’s triple digits where I am. Boiling hot like the fires of Mount Doom in the land of Mordor, but at the moment we have been having some very nice rain lately. I love it… Continue reading “6 Free Vintage Inspired Botanical Printables |”

Dollar Store Decor | Spa Bathroom On A Budget | Updated 2017

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chatty crafting affordable-spa-nautical-bathroom-decor-dollar-store-diy-craft-pinterest.

Hello and welcome back everyone! Let’s dive right in today. I’m going to share with you how I created my own budget friendly coastal spa-like bathroom display! Continue reading “Dollar Store Decor | Spa Bathroom On A Budget | Updated 2017”

Why I Started A Blog |

Hello and welcome to Chatty Crafting!

I’m a graphic designer, DIYer, antiquing, decor lover, coffee drinker, and crafting enthusiast. I am always inspired to try something different. Most of my life I have been somewhat of an odd ball. In my early 20’s I decided to accept these unique traits of mine. Better late than never I suppose. So I encourage anyone reading this to realise how uniquely beautiful and loved you are! Continue reading “Why I Started A Blog |”