20 Ideas And Accessories For The Perfect Patriotic Party |

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20 Ideas For The Perfect Patriotic Party | Budget Friendly Decorating

Hi y’all! It’s Summer time! With patriotic celebrations like Independence Day and Memorial Day around the corner you’re probably thinking, you just don’t have the time or finances to celebrate with some fun patriotic nick nacks and decor this year. Don’t miss out! I have some festive ideas you can put together last minute!

Fun fact! Most of our families Independence Day and Memorial Day festivities end up being outside. Outdoor patriotic parties are super fun however planning them can be a bit of a stressful scenario. You may have kids at your party that love to get things dirty or those kiddos will just tear random things up, because well they’re kids 😉 . Your party might be outside exposing you and your guests to all sorts of instant weather changes, you may also have a super tight budget. Here’s a couple of very real scenarios for you…

So you spend your hard earn income on expensive table top decor, and fun nick nacks to take photos with, creating fun memories for you and yours. What if you spent ALL that time, effort, and hard-earned finances for your friends and family to enjoy themselves only for the weather to turn on the event? Everything then is just ruined. All your decor, the food… everything. Not fun!

Or you want to have festive patriotic get togethers indoors. You’ve invited all your guests, the food is great but the party decor is just a bit blan, because you planned with a very tight budget… Your stressing about food, drinks, and don’t have the time or finances to care about decor and fun nic nacks for your guests. However when the time comes the party kind of ended up falling flat. Your friends came, took a few photos, ate some food, but there wasn’t really a fun “wow” factor you could have put together easily and even with the smallest of budgets.

I’ve seen these scenarios happen before, and it’s a huge bummer! Well here’s where I come in! I love helping others decorate on a practical budget, and if these decor items get ruined either by fun loving kids, bad weather, or wear and tare… it’s alright you will save a TON here with these durable and fun patriotic nick nacks for less!

Y’all know I constantly RAVE about Dollar Tree on this blog (Check out the “You May Also Like” section at the end of this blog post for more Dollar Tree decor ideas!) . Ah yes I’ve mentioned using Dollar Tree decor several times before on this blog, and I will continue to mention how much I enjoy the festive decor for just 1$ and in bulk! Of course if you order online you will have to spend about 5$ on shipping but you’re saving so much! To keep on budget for me that’s a steal for all of the super cute decor and crafty items I’m getting! I hope these ideas will help you plan the perfect patriotic summer party creating wonderful memories and fun photos for you and yours. Let’s get started!

Patriotic Table Decorations Under 15$! | chattycrafting.com

So if you’re hosting or helping to put together a festive and patriotic event, here’s a layout idea for the perfect patriotic table decor!

1. Party! Patriotic Tablecovers

2. Plastic Patriotic Flag Banners & Buntings | 

3. Floral Garden 6-Stem Patriotic Rose or Carnation Bushes

4. Large Patriotic Chair Bows |

5. Patriotic Balloon Weights/Centerpieces |

6. Wired Patriotic Garland

7. Star-Shaped Patriotic Paper Plates |

8. Square Patriotic Paper Plates |

9. Blue Paper Party Cups |

10. Red Plastic Utensils |

For these next 10 accessories, I wanted to get even more creative. How about an easy and inexpensive DIY photo booth? This would be a super fun project you could go all out with!

FUN TIP: Use a white sheet or festive tablecloth for your backdrop (linked down below) and some fun 1$ bulk nick nacks for your props. DIY photo booths are so much fun to make, so here are some items to think about getting for these patriotic celebrations!

DIY Patriotic Photo Booth Under 15$ | chattycrafting.com

1. White Plastic Table Covers |

2. Novelty Patriotic Sunglasses  |

3. Glittery Patriotic Party Hats  |

4. Patriotic Flower Leis |

5. Patriotic Garden Pinwheels  |

6. Pearl White Star Foil Balloons  |

7. Hanging Red Palm Palms  |

8. Patriotic Polyester Bandanas |

9. Patriotic Plastic Headband Boppers |

10. Patriotic Pride Pinwheels |

Would you try out any of these ideas? I know every time I walk into a  Dollar Tree store I get super excited knowing the deals I’m going to save on! Get ready for more fun Summer themed posts my friends! Happy party planning y’all!





Fall Fireplace Tour |

Hi everyone! Welcome and happy almost Thanksgiving! I know we’re all excited for Christmas, but at the same time it’s a bit hard saying “goodbye” to Fall for me. So today I’m continuing part 2 of my Thanksgiving prep decor ideas. I decided to share a few simple REALLY last minute decorating ideas using mainly dollar tree pumpkins, harvest themed decor, and florals.

Hi internet friends! Let's hang out, and take a tour of my DIY Fall harvest fireplace today!


I wanted the feel of the decor to be super family friendly, and an easy transition into winter themed decorating. Not only that but most of the harvest themed decor are from Dollar Tree! Let’s grab a cup of coffee, and let’s get into the Fall Harvest Thanksgiving fireplace decor tour!

chattycrafting.com | Dollar store decor! Decorative wood serving tray. Holiday season decorating ideas! Candlesticks, pumpkins, apple potpourri, books, and sunflowers!

chattycrafting.com | Dollar store decor! Decorative wood serving tray. Holiday season decorating ideas! Candlesticks, pumpkins, apple potpourri, books, and sunflowers!

The pumpkins, woven basket, candles and candlesticks, and the clear bowl with apple potpourri seasonal from Dollar Tree. Those big sunflowers are from Walmart for 3$!

chattycrafting.com | Thanksgiving Harvest decorating! Budget friendly fireplace mantle ideas!

I love decorating with lanterns, those gold pair on the mantle are only 9$ at World Market at the moment. I spread out some Spanish Moss from Dollar Tree along with some leaves. The Autumn Greetings sign is also from Dollar Tree as well!

chattycrafting.com | Thanksgiving Harvest fireplace decor ideas!

I just adore little harvest people so I spread them along with twinkle lights and lanterns on the floor of the fireplace. I found a bucket at GoodWill for 3$ and placed DollarTree seasonal foliage with some cute Harvest people heads, and twinkle lights. I just had fun with it! Dollar Tree has some super cute seasonal signs as well, highly recommend you check those out. The fun designs and style are a big competitor with those that I have seen in department stores.

My love for lanterns of all kinds really shows in these photos! Both of those lanterns on the floor are from Walmart for under 10$ as well! I hope these photos and ideas give you some good inexpensive and free ideas to decorate this season. You don’t have to break bank to have a cozy seasonal decorated home.

This week is Thanksgiving and I know we are all scrambling for ideas, and freebies. No worries friends, I got your back! I hope you all have wonderful day! Happy decorating everyone! Please let me know if you enjoyed this post, and would like more! Happy decorating friends!



Dollar Store Decor | Spa Bathroom On A Budget | Updated 2017

(Disclaimer: Hey everyone, heads up! This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase anything with the links I’ve shared I may receive a small commission. Happy decorating!)  

chatty crafting affordable-spa-nautical-bathroom-decor-dollar-store-diy-craft-pinterest.

Hello and welcome back everyone! Let’s dive right in today. I’m going to share with you how I created my own budget friendly coastal spa-like bathroom display!

Simple and affordable coastal spa-like bathroom decor ideas from Dollar Tree!




Dollar store vases and #floral arrangement #ideas |

Arrange Your Decor 

Declutter your counter space and stage your decor! When in doubt work with the “Staging Rules of Three“. While I am not a professional decorator I enjoy reading up on tips and tricks from the pros; especially when on a tight budget you still want your decor to be arranged nicely and pleasant to look at. Please also note that these items are seasonal at Dollar Tree. 

Floral Placement 

Try to make your floral arrangement lengths match your vase lengths for this look. One towering floral, and one smaller floral arrangement is what I decided to go with.

Vase Fillers

Fill your hurricane vases with sea shells, and your floral vases with stones. For this display I used some shoreline treasures I have collected over the years as well. Have fun with your vase filler options!

Dollar store vases and #floral arrangement #ideas |

Here it is, the outcome! This dollar store display looks SO much more expensive than it actually is.

A beach themed bathroom idea on a tight budget. I think this would be great as apartment/small bathroom decor if you're not into nautical themes, but if your more of a coastal decorator like me. I like this spa-like vibe. Dollar tree silver tray, seashell vase fillers, river rocks... #dollartree #decor

Affordable #dollar #store #coastal #bathroom idea!

Here is also another option and updated picture! I got this new glass candle holder from World Market, and I thought it added some nice detail for just 5$. I will post more updates along my decorating ventures as well. 🙂

Please feel free to repin, share, and comment. I would love to know what you think! Thanks for stopping by, and happy decorating!