About The Blogger

Welcome to my blog!

I’m a wife, graphic designer, DIYer, antiquing, decor lover, coffee drinker, and crafting enthusiast…

When I started this blog I immediately thought about how could I use what I know – to help anyone get the most out of whatever craft hobby you might be pursuing. Hobbies are what we LOVE doing, and what we do during our down time is apart of who we are. Unfortunately our leisure activities can cost us more than what we’ve bargained for from the start.

For instance, you plan on only spending 10$ on your hobby… only to find out you need this one other thing.. oh and that other thing… before you knew it you spent 100$! What the heck?! This blog will help you gather resources from across the web, and provides endless freebies you can use for any project on any occasion!

Actually in fact my husband is the one who made me realize I’m the happiest when I start a project, and is the one who encouraged me to start sharing what I know! Budgeting is a challenge when you are passionate about what you do. I totally understand. That’s where I come in! You don’t have to break the bank to enjoy what you do in your spare time. I’ve learned a ton of financial tricks and have a plethora of useful tips that I would like to share throughout this blog and our newsletters!

Everything I know and my freebies will be posted here to help you save money while pursuing your craft. YOU can ENJOY your hobbies, even when your on a shoe string budget! Believe me, I will HELP YOU. Not to mention I love giving the things I make away. It’s a pleasure to share printable goodies, to help save us all some cash while enjoying a craft and our space!

Oh and on occasion I will talk about other things, as a part of this blog is ‘Chatty‘ Crafting! Feel free to join in the conversations here I hope to make this a fun place! Feel free to contact me or comment on the blog any time! I would love to hear from ya!

Before you leave why not grab a few printables?! Make your space extra pretty for FREE by clicking this link and downloading our latest free prints! 🙂

I love getting to know everyone who stops by the blog! Please don’t hesitate to contact me any time!  Whether you want to make a comment or work with me I would LOVE to hear from you. Oh and don’t forget to join our newsletter by entering your email on the sidebar for more exclusive finds and freebies! Enjoy y’all!




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