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Let’s get creative!

Need another blog that will help you find budget friendly resources – and that will actually help you build a better future? Let’s get creative in 2019. It’s a life worth making after all isn’t it? This blog will go through a ton of life style ideas and solutions. I will help you save time while gathering helpful resources you can bookmark, and come back to! I would love to help you build the life you want on a budget.

chatty crafting post ribbon 1


My name is Lauren! Thanks for stopping by. When I started this blog I had no idea what I wanted to write about. I’m going to be perfectly honest here. However, as time went on I’ve been inspired to expand beyond making and designing pretty things as a hobby and career. Part of this blog is called  ‘Chatty‘ Crafting after all.

Are you striving to get more out of life? That feeling of not being satisfied is a very familiar feeling to me. I have felt so stuck before like you have. I felt like I wanted to enjoy life more, but with a tight budget how is that even possible? Especially when you have personal goals that seem impossible to reach. I can help you here. From budget friendly resources to free digital downloads.

We share finds and solutions here that solve everyday problems. My friend, I will help you feel like it really is a life worth making. All of my resources and my free digital downloads are posted on ChattyCrafting.com to help you save money, build a better future, and all while enjoying the hobbies you love on a budget!

chatty crafting post ribbon 1


Before you leave why not grab a few printables?! Make your space extra pretty for FREE by clicking this link and downloading our latest free prints! I love getting to know everyone who stops by the blog! Please don’t hesitate to contact me any time!

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