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Chatty Crafting will help you find deals from all around the web from crafts, to hobbies, to decor. This blog helps you shave off time from searching through your favorite online stores with fun weekly posts and newsletters! I’m always hunting down trends and awesome finds that will inspire your hobby, with the goal of staying on your budget.

Oh and here’s 3 quick awesome things that you will find on Chatty Crafting…



The first thing I would like to mention is that there’s a FREE printable for every post here! Yes that’s right! You don’t need to spend 100$ for wall art, organized labels, scrapbook pages, special occasion bunting etc… If you type in your search bar “free printable” on Google you find that there is NO need for you to break your budget. Other awesome folks have actually made free printables for everything (even printable games!) and I’m on that bandwagon. You will find endless digital goodies here! From different styles to different occasions you will keep your budget in tact while enjoying your craft here!



You can use this blog to find useful projects and resources. There’s TONS of categories to choose from! Just take a scroll down the list and there’s something to help, inspire, and encourage your craft hobby!



So y’all I have a passion for my own personal craft and decor hobbies, but if you’re on a tight budget you HAVE to get creative with how you spend your time and money. I’ve spent years finding ways to entertain myself through crafts and beautifying my space. I’ve learned a few tricks along the way, and want to share with you guys EVERYTHING I know. From when to shop, to where, and what to look for. These awesome tidbits have helped me to find AMAZING treasures in the past, and it’s all found here on the blog!

Before you leave why not grab a few printables?! Make your space extra pretty for FREE by clicking this link and downloading our latest free prints! 🙂

I love getting to know everyone who stops by the blog! Please don’t hesitate to contact me any time!  Whether you want to make a comment or work with me I would LOVE to hear from you. Oh and don’t forget to join our newsletter by entering your email on the sidebar for more exclusive finds and freebies! Enjoy y’all!

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