Blog Update + Free Newsletters! |

Hey y’all!

I wanted to do a quick blog update. Let’s catch up! I’ve been busy working on a ton of ideas for the upcoming seasons. Look forward to new crafts, diys, gardening and decor ideas anyone could use or make!

If you were wondering I do spend most of my time while I’m preparing for seasonal posts over on Pinterest. I am active there daily. 🙂 Oh and the other part of the title here says, ‘free newsletters‘. That’s right! Simply sign up on the sidebar with your email, and you will be updated just about every other day with new craft and decor ideas I have. It’s a bit easier, and more personalized than blog posts. We can personally chat about all things cozy and crafty!

Thank you so much for your interest in this blog! It means so much to me and I appreciate everyone here! If you have any specific ideas for this blog or requests you would like me to make for you let me know in the comments section! Enjoy and happy crafting!