Welcome Everyone! |

Hi y’all! I’m back!

I have noticed a huge group of new subscribers to this blog. As someone who just started blogging in general I never thought any one would be interested in what I wrote. Seeing anyone interested has been really encouraging. I want to thank each and everyone one you for hanging out here!

Over the last couple of months my husband got a job promotion which required us to travel. We are home bodies as y’all know. So it was quite difficult stepping out of our comfort zones. Now that I’m back and settled into regular routine again, I am currently working on a few personal blog goals.

I have several posts planned out right now, and I’m super excited to share them. I have a HUGE pile of airplane window stock photos I will be giving away on this blog, and those are still coming I promise. 🙂 I also have a a TON of decor related posts that I think will be super fun to DIY as well! Keep an eye out for those my friends.

So I simply wanted to catch up say thank you everyone for reading, and I am super grateful! Expect more fun posts this week y’all! Have a great day everyone!



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