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Hi everyone, I hope you’re all doing well! If you’re a friend of mine on Pinterest you know I adore wall galleries. If you like botanical prints like this gorgeous wall art set (photo with link is included below) ,

Click to buy this set!

….but you are on a tight budget no problem! I made some for FREE you can have! I love freebies, because when you save free printables to your computer you can have it forever! You can also print out your free digital downloads over and over again for any crafty project! Use these for wall art, even card making, and scrapbook projects!

Super easy instructions for printing at home are included down below! By the way I wanted to mention this… please add your own photos to this pin on Pinterest… I would love to see if you have printed them out! Plus it puts a big smile on my face to see how you have used these prints for your own projects!!!

I also updated this post to show you how you can display these 6 printables using your regular 8×10 frames! Do you have some old picture frames you can hang up to refresh your space? Print out as much of these 6 digital downloads as you want! You can hang these vertically in a pattern, horizontally, or both! Here are some ways to display this set of 6, 8×10, free botanical wall art prints to give you more gallery wall ideas. Plus even if you don’t use this set you can save these layout ideas for your future projects!


Free Printable Botanical Gallery Wall | Hey y'all! Super easy instructions for printing at home are included! Click here! By the way please add your own photos to this pin... I would love to see how you have used these freebies for your own projects! | |

When you click on the images you want down below; the photo will appear zoomed in on your screen (it may take a minute or two for your freebie to load onto your screen), so you can see the detail if you want it for your project. You can also zoom out as well, instantly save your freebie, or print them out right away!


If your printer is connected to your device right now you can click on the photos down below. When the preview is loaded on your screen, you can press the printer icon located at the top. If you click the printer icon, your printing options will pop up with the preview! It’s totally free and print ready!  These are all high resolution, 8×10, with a white matte border, and print ready for framing! Please let me know if you have ANY questions in the comments! I’m happy to help!!! Enjoy!

#Free #vintage inspired #botanical wall art 8x10 #prints!

#Free #vintage inspired #botanical wall art 8x10 #prints!

#Free #vintage inspired #botanical wall art 8x10 #prints!

#Free #vintage inspired #botanical wall art 8x10 #prints!

#Free #vintage inspired #botanical wall art 8x10 #prints!



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What do you think? Which ones do you like the most out of this bunch?! I would love to know! Until next time happy decorating everyone!




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