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Hi everyone, I hope you are all doing well! Normally in past August’s in Texas by now it’s triple digits where I am. Boiling hot like the fires of Mount Doom in the land of Mordor, but at the moment we have been having some very nice rain lately. I love it!

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Rainy Fridays only encourage me to get cozy, chill with some coffee, and indulge in my Pinterest pinning habit. If you’re a friend of mine on Pinterest you know I adore wall galleries. I have come across a lot of vintage/antique inspired ideas, and thought why not make some myself! Then a few other thoughts rolled in my noggin… ‘Why not make a new blog series where I just design whatever the heck I want, and share it?!’ Thus the birth of Freebie Fridays has begun!

Another pointless fact about me, my favorite color is green. So I would like to dedicate the first Freebie Friday to some greenery. I decided to create a set of six free vintage-inspired botanical patterned prints.

When you click on the images you want down below; you will then be lead to your instant digital downloads. These are all high resolution, 8×10, with a white matte border, and ready for framing. You can also zoom in or out your file, instantly save your image, or automatically print your downloads. Feel free to reblog, share, pin anything you would like! Enjoy!

#Free #vintage inspired #botanical wall art 8x10 #prints!

#Free #vintage inspired #botanical wall art 8x10 #prints!

#Free #vintage inspired #botanical wall art 8x10 #prints!

#Free #vintage inspired #botanical wall art 8x10 #prints!#Free #vintage inspired #botanical wall art 8x10 #prints!free-vintage-botanical-wall-art-prints-pinterest-six

What do you think? Which ones do you like the most out of this bunch, I would love to know! Have fun ya’ll, and happy decorating!




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